browse buster

squelch your decision fatigue by swiping on cards 'till you find a match that everyone can agree on!
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what does this app even do??

Use browse buster to find the next movie or tv show to watch! You can browse solo, or connect with friends. When you start your session, you will be shown cards with movie's or tv show's on them, and you can swipe left to reject, or swipe right to accept that card!

If you've connected with friends, then when you all swipe right on the same card, you'll get notified that it's a match!

If you're going solo, every card that you swipe right on, will be a match!

We automatically save all your sessions, so you can visit your previous sessions to view the matches, or re-join to keep swiping.

Our algorithm takes into account what your friends are swiping on, what filters you pick and what you've swiped on as well! It calculates with every swipe fresh new options that you might love!


  • Now with tv shows and movies!
  • A matching algorithm that tries to find movies that all parties might be interested on based on that sessions activity!
  • Connect with friends using a link or a QR code
  • Filters including:
    • streaming platform
    • genre
    • year published
    • number of seasons
    • and more coming soon!
  • Tap on a card to find out more about a movie! Watch the trailer, see who is starring in it or visit the IMDB page